Powering Integrity and Professionalism

Providing Turn Key, Race and Sports Betting solutions to licensed, land based Casinos.


Montana Services Ltd.Sports and Race Betting - no greater value

MS Ltd. maximizes the opportunity presented by the Number One Gambling value – Sports and Race betting.

Full Payout Parimutuel Race Betting


Montana Services Ltd.MS Ltd - your segway to OTB Race Betting

We provide parimutuel Race betting to your customers as if they were at the track. Customers receive full track payouts. No limits, no caps… in essence, if your customer wins a million, they get paid a million.

Be in the pool!!!

Unique Promotions

Montana Services Ltd.Promotions seen nowhere else in the world.

Your Casino – Not just a Gambling House

Montana Services Ltd.MS Ltd. presents promotional opportunities and social events based on high profile Race and Sports events – We enhance your casino’s attraction which translates into increased traffic and that means increased volume.

Professionals top to bottom

Montana Services Ltd.Staffed by industry experts whereby casinos and local regulators can be confident that operational integrity is implemented and maintained.

Staff Training / Customer Education

Montana Services Ltd.We’re able to provide training classes on race and sports betting for customers and casino staff alike. Our staff is always ready and happy to assist any customer with their sports or race betting questions. Machines can’t do that!


Montana Services Ltd.We offer flexibility in creating the partnership solution that best fits your needs keeping in mind your regulatory boundaries.